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Cool Games » Math Cool Games » Cool Bridge Building Game

Bridge Building

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Bridge Building Game Info

Game Description: Bridge building is a challenging task faced by many engineers today. Do you think you are up to the task? Create a stable bridge structure and see how it holds up to the crossing of different creatures. You have the choice of wooden or steel girders during the contstruction process - experiment and see what works best. Press T to test your design and see how stable it is! Play this free online game.
Game Controls: Mouse click from one point to another to lay a piece of the bridge.Press ESC to unselect a piece. You can click on an existing piece to remove it or you can click on a section anchor point and press DELETE to remove the section. Press T to see how your bridge holds up. Press ESC to return to the construction phase when your testing is done.
Game Recommend: If you liked Bridge Building, you may also like Moon Lander and Math Master.

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