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Cool Action Games

If you are starving for playable action games, you have come to the right place! Play Free Online Action Games from!
Box Head
NY Rex
Feed Us 2
Dry Fire
Kof Fighting
Alias 2
Sift Renegade
No Mutants Allowed
Stinky Bean
Comic Stars Fighting 2
Naughty Child
The Shorthen
The Three Towers
Feed Us - Xmas Xpansion
Ice Breaker
Box Head Rooms
Escape From The Thing
Forest Like
Stick Man Sam 4
Stick Man Sam 2
Rogan The Swordmaster
Furru Finger Monkey
Killer Mc Kay
Teelonians Clan Wars
Dragon Conquest
Stick Man Sam 3
Black Sails
Fragile Fauna
One Piece Exotic Adventure 2
Arnys Battle 2
Crazy Flasher 3
Pirate Ship
Kicking Zombies
Matrix Rampage
Zombie Survival
Mobs down
Cuddly Toys Plague
Rich Mine
Muay Thai 2
Super Jerry
Pirates Of Teelonians
Battlefield General
3D Stunt Pilot San Francisco
The Cannon Man
Robo Slug 2
Arnys Battle
Linear Assault
Honey Hunters
Batman Skycreeper
Alien Assault
Crow In Hell Affliction
Monkey Wizard
Wendigo Brothers
One Piece Exotic Adventure 3
Angry Pirates
Totems Awakening
Dragon Ball Fierce Fighting
Sweet Egipt
The Guardian 2
Mister Bazooka
The Hare And The Tortoise
Unfairy Tales
Nightmare On Pink Street

Here you can play free action games online. In our action games need good hand-eye coordination, then the physical skills because he always under pressure of time. In most of these games the player controls the protagonist avatar. Avatar has a variety of tasks, collect items, avoid obstacles and fighting enemies with different attacks and the like. In most action games, avatar has a certain amount of hitpoints, or health that are exhausted from enemy attacks and other threats.

Sometimes, health can be replenished by collecting in-game object. When a player runs out of health, the player dies. Avatars are often given a few chances for re-life after death, usually called life. As a rule, the faster this game more of a challenge. In an action game players will encounter obstacles, traps and enemies. Enemies sometimes appear in clusters or waves, the enemies increase in strength and number to the end of the level.

Many action  follow the players score. Points are awarded for completing certain challenges, and defeating certain enemies. Games for the struggle between the pairs of fighters, often using exaggerated martial arts moves. Actions are limited to various attacks and defenses, and at the end of the match when a fighter's health is reduced to zero. They often use special moves and combinations. Example of this is Crazy Flasher .

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Gangster Life
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